Entering a new phase

Published on 23 August 2010 by in General


My work has entered a new phase. After twenty-four years of enthralled labor on the King trilogy, I felt compelled in 2006 to disclose the side-project in which I had gathered raw materials for presidential history through eight years of confidential interviews with Bill Clinton at the White House. Now that The Clinton Tapes is published (2009), I am free again to choose fresh topics. It is a strange feeling.

Lately, I have intensified research into the Founders and our early U.S. republic.  Although the focus has jumped back nearly two centuries, my chief interests are still the fundamentals of democracy as revealed in conflicts over freedom, faith, and race. My goal is to elevate our cynical and superficial public discourse, even a little bit, while enjoying the plunge into characters from an earlier time. This new blog invites readers to share thoughts about any of these related topics. It is experimental, so please feel free to initiate comments on matters great or small.

3 Responses to “Entering a new phase”

  1. Larry Hicock says:

    How great to link this earliest-dating of your research with one of today’s latest communication resources – a blog! – and the opportunity to share the process, and even invite feedback, while it’s happening. I look forward not only to the end result but also to what emerges along the way. Thanks!

  2. Gloyd McCoy says:

    Thanks for your response to my recent faceboo0k posting. I recently finished a five year odyssey and finished my first book. Itis a story of the murders of three young girl scouts in 1977 in Oklahoma and the trial of the man accused of the murders. His murder trial in 1979 was a notorious event. He was acquittted. This bookis the first on the subject to exaine both sides– proseuction and defense. To be publshed in early 2011 byTate Publishing. My next project is to write a biography book containing bios of every Oklahoma soldier killed in the Vietnam War. Good luck on your research.

  3. Gloyd McCoy says:

    Any chance you will be speakiang in Oklahoma soon?