From Off Our Rocker in Honor of Julia Lennon

Published on 12 March 2013 by in General


Here is the song John Lennon wrote for his mother, Julia, ten years after her tragic death in 1958. Today, March 12, would have been her 99th birthday.

Listen to the full version of Off Our Rocker’s, Julia.

Off Our Rocker“Julia” is the last track that our 1960s college band recorded for a 2008 tribute CD to the Beatles. Our weekend reunion was a musical lark, but Lennon’s haunting solo made us hesitate. With some trepidation, we finally decided to go ahead with slight touches of harmony.

Anyone can find samples from two commercial CDs we released as the mock cover group, Off Our Rocker. Or you can simply wait to hear the full songs for free. We did them for fun, anyway–lots of fun–for friends rejuvenated by music. So we’ll post other songs from time to time with our compliments.

The three of us are scattered, with many aches and a few grandchildren, but Off Our Rocker may soon sing again.


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