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London Review of Books , David Runciman

London Review of Books

One of the many striking things to come out of this book is how little interested Clinton seems in the comings and goings of his political staff. The Clinton Tapes gives a view of the presidency as seen from the private quarters (where most of the recordings took place) rather than the West Wing, and it turns out that as seen from the private quarters the West Wing barely registers. Read full review >

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The Other Bill Clinton


A daughter seeking her father’s attention faces steep competition when he’s also the leader of the free world. Teddy Roosevelt’s daughter Alice smoked on the White House roof, buried a voodoo doll of the incoming First Lady under the White House lawn, jumped fully clothed into a cruise-ship pool — and persuaded a Congressman to follow. “I can either run the country or I can control Alice,” Roosevelt once said. “I cannot possibly do both.” Read full article >

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Our dumb media: Do we need to know more about Lewinsky?…there’s a wealth of insight here, and (my biggest passion) much that’s relevant to the travails of President Obama and the Democratic Party as they struggle to change the country while merely possessing both houses of Congress and the presidency. That sounds more cynical than I mean it to. Clinton faced a GOP that was, 15 years ago, already the party of “No,” already convinced that the only way back to power was thwarting a sitting Democratic president, and that’s an important insight. Read full review >

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10.8.09: “Greater Boston”, WGBH

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