Radio & TV

10.28.09: Political Punch
ABC News

Power , pop and probings from ABC Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper

10.27.09: John Williams talks with Taylor Branch
WGN Radio 720

John Williams, Part 1 John Williams, Part 2

10.22.09: The Clinton Tapes
Southern California Public Radio

Taylor Branch on KPCC

10.20.09: The Conversation; Seattle, WA
Interview begins at 34:04

KUOW Conversation

10.13.09: Atlanta Forum Network
Taylor Branch tells of his account of President Bill Clinton’s confidential diary project, a unique collaboration between Branch and Clinton, aimed at preserving the fullest record of this president.

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10.12.09: The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, PBS

Author Branch on ‘The Clinton Tapes’

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10.8.09: “Greater Boston”, WGBH

10.7.09: Talk of the Nation with Neal Conan and Ken Rudin, NPR
Historian Wrestles With ‘The Clinton Tapes’
Interview begins at 11:38

Talk of the Nation NPR

10.6.09: World News, BBC America TV
Bill Clinton’s presidency

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10.5.09: Andrea Mitchell Reports, MSNBC-TV
What the Clinton tapes reveal

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10.5.09: “Radio Times”, WHYY-FM

Radio Times WHYY

10.2.09: Tavis Smiley Radio Show, PRI
Clinton Tapes: Wrestling History with the President

Tavis Smiley Radio Show

10.1.09: “Hardball” with Chris Matthews, MSNBC
Up close and personal with the Clintons

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10.1.09: Morning Drive, WTOP-AM
In-Depth Look at Bill Clinton

Morning Drive WTOP

10.1.09: The Takeaway, NPR
Bill Clinton on Tape

The Takeaway

9.30.09: The Leonard Lopate Show, WNYC
Politics and Diplomacy

The Leonard Lopate Show

9.30.09: Washington Journal, C-SPAN-TV

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9.29.09: Maryland Morning, WYPR
Documenting the Presidency

Maryland Morning

9.29.09: The Early Show, CBS-TV
Book Delves into Clinton Years

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9.28.09: Fresh Air with Terry Gross
Sharing Secrets In ‘The Clinton Tapes’

Fresh Air with Terry Gross

9.24.09: Saturday Night Live, Thursday Edition
Clip is during Weekend Update, scroll to 9:08