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–Georgia-Pacific Center, January 1990

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“Prophetic Roots of Democracy”
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–American Library Association, June 2004

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–Oakwood College, March 2005

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“College Sports at a Crossroads”
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“Myth and Miracles from the King Years”
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“The Beloved Community: MLK and the Movement”
–New York University, NY, November 2013

“Looking Ahead With Dr. King”
–First Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC, February 2014

“Ethical Issues in College Sports”
–University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, April 2014

“From Selma to Ferguson”
–Providence College, Providence, RI, February 2015

“1965: The Pivotal Year”
–Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, October 2015

“Freedom and Gridlock: Lessons From MLK”
–Modesto, CA, MLK Celebration, January 2016

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