Labyrinth (With Eugene M. Propper) (Viking: 1982)

The Empire Blues (fiction) (Simon & Schuster: 1981)

Second Wind (With Bill Russell) (Random House: 1979)

Blind Ambition (ghostwriter for John Dean) (Simon & Schuster: 1976)

Blowing the Whistle: Dissent in the Public Interest (With Charles Peters) (Praeger: 1972)

Selected Magazine Articles:

“The Shame of College Sports”, The Atlantic, September 2011

“The Lottery — A New England Horror Story”, New England Monthly, January 1990

“Closets of Power — The Double Lives of Homosexuals in Politics”, Harpers, October 1982

“New Frontiers in American Philosophy”, New York Times Magazine, August 14, 1977

“The Incident”, Esquire (co-written with John Rothchild), March 1977

“Black Fear — Law and Justice in Rural Georgia”, The Washington Monthly,1970

Mr. Branch has written for a wide variety of publications including The New York Times Magazine, Sport, The New Republic, and Texas Monthly.