“Outsiders and Insiders: Race as a Lens of History”
–Georgia-Pacific Center, January 1990

“King and Malcolm X: The Misuse of Legend”
–New Orleans Book Fair, May 1992

“Prophetic Roots of Democracy”
–University of Chicago, April 1995

“Race Relations, Cynicism, and Freedom: The Long View”
–The Aspen Institute, July 2000

“Freedom on Two Feet: Equal Souls, Equal Votes”
–St. John’s College, February 2001

“Patriots of Civil Rights”
–Washington Collage, February 2002

“Watershed 1963: How Birmingham Still Changes America”
–Saginaw Valley State University, October 2003

“Democracy in Black and White”
–Central Arkansas Library, November 2003

“Promise and Myth: Brown Plus Fifty Years”
–American University, December 2003

“Race, Violence, and Democracy: What Rules America?”
–Ithaca College, January 2004

“A Writer’s Life: How We Learn From History”
–American Library Association, June 2004

“Martin Luther King: A Modern Founder”
–Oakwood College, March 2005

“Nonviolent Leadership: The Essence of Democracy”
–University of Richmond, November 2005

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